RAILA ODINGA emerges with another shocker, he wants to share power with UHURU - After all he won August 8 polls

..appointed Prime Minister, who will head the Cabinet.

The NASA leaders revived the debate on the Bomas Draft which they believe carries the cure for the current political standoff and politics of exclusion.

“The Bomas Draft contains cures to the problems of inclusion, strengthening of devolution, the shape of the Executive and security sector reforms,” Raila said in a joint statement at his Capitol Hill office.

However, Raila’s route is a long shot considering that it was altered drastically in the 2005 referendum.


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  1. Mad demon-possessed man. Witchcraft will do that

  2. Tell it to the birds Raila, no sane person can listen to you. You can whelp, yell, whisper or whine, no one and I repeat no one is ready to listen to a loser.

  3. Raila and his US pals have for a long time been focused on the power sharing agenda. When his legal chief Orenga said ODM had drawn a strategic road map to joining or removing the Jubilee executive, he had this well set up. The detribaluzation of Ndeii is in the very same plan to give the impression that when Tsunami hits the Kikuyu like plague he shall be spared as a luo of some interesting breed. Kenyans are much wise now and know what these vowboy republican retired diplomats have been assigned to do: mess Kenya like they and the African Union did with Kibaki. No, no thank you J&B, go back to Trumpup and tell him he can keep his eyes on NKorea and domestic troublez. The guns and health care agenda plus migration are too important and hot already,j

  4. Thats cool,sharing power with Uhuru!!!

  5. Thats cool,sharing power with Uhuru!!!

  6. Even if we have an amendment, the Prime Minister will be APPOINTED from the majority party which is Jubilee. Whether power is with the President or the PM is still Jubilee. They have over 200 MPs against ODMs 70.Rails loses whether its a direct vote from the people or indirect one via MPs.

    He has a better option - hang his boots.l

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