RAILA just showed his true colours of dishonesty and treachery - MWANGI says after he dumped his NASA co-principals

...crossed over Jubilee, as one such example of dishonesty on the part of Raila Odinga.

“Ruto was once on Raila Odinga’s side before he crossed over to Jubilee after realizing that Raila does not keep his word,” Mwangi stated.

He warned Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula to accept that Raila has betrayed them.

“Raila has always betrayed those close to him because of his personal ambitions and lack of democracy in whatever party he is in,” Mwangi said.


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  1. Wee kijana Mwangi wacha bangi mingi. Who in the politics of Kenya since ukoloni days keep their word? Okay lets keep the wabeberu out, Kenyatta wa analog time, which word did he keep in respect of siasa? How about Moi's time, did you see any word's kept? But may be you were not yet born in those days or too young to remember and possibly now too dimwitted by demos to read history. But at least the Kibaki days are fresh, so lets use that to bench mark. Baba Jimmy was a master at use and dump. Let me use two examples, remember Matere Keriri? How about Martha Karua? She was touted as the only 'man' in Kibakis serikali, she was dumped like a soiled rag by the unsmiling baba Jimmy. So Mwangi please grow a pair and man up, hii ya Kenyatta digital na RAO ni siasa pia. Don't be surprised to see man Rutto soon being the kinara wa official opposition! Shit happens so stop whining. Oh I almost forgot, please when your activist bug comes to bite as it surely will at some point, please kindly leave the animals out okay? We are still traumatized by the abuse of the pigs you and your bunch of loonies herded and later abandoned at bunge. The message was apt alright but a sane picketer would have used dummies to deliver a similar message without offending any one. From that time i counted you with the Jogoo slaughtering gangs of Kibera that were anti Kanu during the siasa ya kutoa Kanu uongozini. Just know that the current move by RAO and Uhuru is life and limb saving, unless you never saw the business community and the Kawangware clashes that resulted in injury, death and damage. That was a dry rehearsal! Is that what you want, Kenya to crash and burn? Let the Nasarite orphans go do their handshake too. I am sure son of Jomo or even Rutto the Kalasinga would be able to return the handshake. As for I, me and myself, we applaud baba Muhoho and baba Winnie na mikono yote mbili. Theirs is a win-win scenario for Kenya and Kenyans. Who cares about some siasa MOU's? They are not worth the paper they are written on!The Nasarites can re-invent themselves into whatever they want to be. Tumechoka na ukora.

  2. Anon9:30 win win scenario for Kenyans is far from being realized. Am a NASA supporter but RAO betrayed many people, there is no way he will ever convince and command crowd like he did. Many have lost trust in him period!!! Miguna was right

  3. All in all uhunye and raila came together to continue and protect their political dynasties and properties.....common man is left in cold dying at knh other hospistals and thrown om morgue floor.....buried on filled public cemetery...

  4. Kenya iko na wenyewe.....fisis

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