Prepare for a referendum after UHURU/ RAILA talks - Kenyans told! RAILA ODINGA will soon be Prime Minister

Monday March 19, 2018 - Nairobi County Speaker, Beatrice Elachi, has told Kenyans to prepare for a referendum.

This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta met with NASA leader, Raila Odinga, where they agreed to resolve their political differences and move the country forward.

While in an interview with a leading radio station in the country on Sunday, Elachi pointed out that despite announcements that the handshake's main aim is enhancing national cohesion it's likely to…

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  1. they can create post for him sos as fisis can continue eating......but one thing is clear this will never be solution to Kenya problems.....only start and shortly Kenyans will rise up.....

  2. Kenyans are dying in hospitals ,are hungry ,jobless ,some working have their salary cut ,some raped by ceos and ceos still in office, no water since all trees in water catchment areas sold by kfs,traffic jams,ngetas,garbage all*thole sh*thole we are in...

  3. only fools will turn up to vote.....for this nonsense...

  4. those praising handshakes is like praising two juju men joining hands together....

  5. referendum shud be for cutting mps to 120 ,counties to 10 ,do away with senators,women rep and nominated mps.2county to have maximum 20 mcas who will double as county executives.
    cut commission and transfer duties to ministries...
    lastly bring wages to maximum 2000usd for mp and 3500usd for gavanas(change name to chief minister)

  6. ati watu wapange laini tena.....madness.....better find way to scrap that katiba like done in Thailand , that we come up with good one...

  7. Mutahi nguyi is right this man inly want power jp and odm can vote for referendrum question.......for hyena to have post..

  8. one thing is clear...kenya haina prezo ako na b*lls....

  9. Failed state and clueless agencies commidions parliamrnts assemnlies etc

    Activist Omtatah challenges new regulations for driving schools
    By Paul Ogemba
    Published: Mar 19th 2018 at 23:14, Updated: March 19th 2018 at 23:14

    Omtatah says NTSA’s proposed regulations meant to benefit a few individuals who want to drive their competitors out of the market
    An activist has challenged new regulations for driving schools and public service vehicles.

    Okiya Omtatah argued in his petition filed at the High Court that some of the new rules proposed by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) were unreasonable, cannot be implemented, and are only meant to benefit a few individuals who want to drive their competitors out of the market.

    ALSO READ: Omtatah arrested at courts

    “There are no provisions in law to support the new policies being fronted by NTSA. They have not even taken measures to cushion driving schools and PSV operators, who will suffer massive losses resulting from imposing the illegal policy documents,” said Omtatah.

    The activist was aggrieved with several provisions in the new guidelines, which he claimed were passed without public participation and would kill the public transport industry and drive many driving schools out of business.

    He submitted that the requirement that all driving schools own not less than 1.7 acres of land to develop facilities and infrastructure of a model highway cannot be implemented by most of them and was only meant to harass the operators.

    “It is not fair to make it mandatory for driving schools to have classrooms equipped with ICT teaching aids and for them to have management structures to include school managers and directors of studies, like other educational institutions,” said Omtatah.

    The contested provisions are contained in the Traffic (Driving Schools and Instructors) Rules, 2017, and have yet to be published in the Kenya Gazette.

    ALSO READ: Activist moves to court over creation of authority

    Omtatah argued that using the rules to vet driving schools and PSV operators even before they were gazetted amounted to discrimination and harassment. He also contested the decision to close the online portal for the schools and PSV operators.

    He accused NTSA of making rush decisions whenever there was a road accident, including punishing innocent driving schools, which he said were not the cause of the accidents.

    “NTSA went ahead to reconfigure its online portal by removing the old curriculum and uploading a new one. Many driving schools are now facing imminent collapse because they cannot access officers to conduct driving tests,” said Omtatah.

    He submitted that it was only through the online portals that driving schools could register new students, file test application forms to book driving tests, and apply for certificates and driving licences, and that disabling the portals was technically aimed at grounding the schools.

    On the requirement that all PSV drivers undergo fresh test drives, the activist submitted that NTSA had no test centres and no qualified officers to conduct the tests as only traffic police officers had the knowledge and skills to carry them out. He wants the court to stop NTSA from implementing the new traffic provisions for driving schools and testing of PSV drivers.

  10. We will not queue to vote for a prime minister. Forget it. We will queue to change Latina to reduce pay cut for governors , mps, senators women reps mcas etc. and by the wAy we do not need these many positions. They are irrelevant. We should go back to old system of having only more. This governor assistant governor,senator,women rep,mica is all wastage of public funds.

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