MARAGA is a liar & Satan is waiting for him in hell with a sledge hammer - MWILU spills beans how UHURU threatened them

…for sure.”

“I must confess because I don’t know how to clothe a lie.”

“I am not sure whether the threats cowed the judges as to affect our subsequent decisions.”

“But the threats never entered my soul and I thank God it never did," Mwilu said.

Mwilu’s sentiments expose Maraga as a big liar because he was on record saying that no single judge was threatened or intimidated after they nullified Kenyatta’s victory.

Justice Mwilu made these remarks while speaking to members of the National Assembly during a post-election seminar held in Mombasa.


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  1. So between Maraga and Mwilu who is telling the truth considering how the judgement was cooked with some very close friends of mwilu lawyers and politicians in the mix, Admin you need to do a bit more research when posting things here,

  2. Phiromena speaking for her husband Wako and their God Raila. Looking forward to bigger positions. Who threatened you Firomena? Tell it and give evidence since you do not know how to clothe a lie. You already sound biased here because you have decided what side threatened you.
    Note this Philomena, you are not a liberator but a compromised greedy woman. Learn to separate National issues from Bed Issues. Desist Philomena from trivializing Kenya for illicit love affairs.Your stupidity immorality and recklessness is displayed by the 5 kids each from different fathers and none by your current "husband".

  3. kenya judges lawyers mps accountants are most corrupt in the world. their mistakes are 1000 worse than KNH doctors.

  4. Shithole judiciary. This woman could not even read her own written judgement. Whos fooling who?

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