KIKUYUs in trouble as KAMBAs react to the detestable KIKUYU song abusing them as rat eaters - Don’t joke with KAMBAs!

….the same state of affairs that allows unscrupulous traders to destroy our future," Maaka said in a statement.

Maaka said it was insensitive for the musicians to condemn the ban on charcoal using abusive language whereas many parts of Ukambani are wasted due to uncontrolled logging and charcoal burning.

He said the party stands with Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu, whose ban on charcoal trade in the County apparently motivated the musicians to compose the song.

“We would like to state categorically and unequivocally that we are firmly in support of Ngilu’s stand on charcoal burning as a means to stem the impending environmental disaster brought by human activities,” he said.


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  1. Am a kiuk and I do not at all support cutting down of trees nor do I support the songs. Whether we were offended or not the song only creates a dark distance between the two communities.

    But you guys please speak the truth. Are you really fighting deforestation or are you just out to frustrate the kiuks? Please note that by burning the lorries, God will provide for them very well and much more than what you destroyed. On your side you have just Blocked God's blessings. Only repetance will save you.

  2. Employing archaic methods to address environmental issues, burning someones lorry is stupid if not backward. Why cant you impose heavy fines/levies to those transporting as a deterrent? I dont support the song, but also those kamba leaders ought to wake up and behave civil, the approaches being used are also meant to create animosity

  3. The Kamba community is behaving like hypocrites. Here is the reason. Do the Kikuyu traders go to cut the trees? Do the Kikuyu traders burn the charcoal. Do the Kikuyu traders dump the produce by the road side? I have worked in and out of Kambaland for the last twenty years. The whole of Ukambani is hardship area. Those who sell charcoal out of desperation, they are the poorest of the poor. For Ngilu to hound Kikuyu traders out of Ukambani could be a way of awakening of her people to do the same trade other than sell to Kikuyu traders. Unless she looks for an alternative way of earning money for the population, we have not seen the last of cutting of trees in Ukambani. Demonizing Kikuyus will not make melonites angels as regards charcoal trade.

  4. Anon 14.26. Shame on you. You must be an idiot of the highest order!

  5. My opinion is that the buyers have no mistake. The seller is the one to be blamed. Ngilu, please ask the Kamba's to stop burning the charcoals and before you do this provide them with alternative means of survival and that is water only!!!!! Please deal with the source of the problem. The likes of Ngilu have cash and cannot burn charcoal unlike the common Kamba who burns to survive. By the way, may you be made to pay for the vehicles burnt. Shameless.

  6. The whole idea of banning charcaol is nobal to any right thinking kenyan,but burning of people's lorries is idiotic.Take people to court.We badly need those fines for other use.

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