KIKUYU musicians who insulted KAMBAs as dogs over NGILU’s charcoal ban being hunted down by UHURU’s Government

…wild birds such as parrots. 

The song is said to be offensive and distasteful and to castigate Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

It has footage from the burning of a Toyota Probox in Mwingi last week.

On Monday, NCIC chairman, Francis Ole Kaparo, said the commission is looking at the content of the song.

“The matter is seriously being investigated by both the NCIC and the CID.”

“I expect feedback shortly.”

“In the meantime, I appeal for calm and urge all Kenyans to avoid irresponsible and reckless incitements," Kaparo said.


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  1. Agikuyu have always held back in spite of frequent and many provocations. We are hard workers and mind our own business but when people continuously target our business and assets in the interest of political mileage, the result is this kind of thing. The agikuyu youth have been very tolerant but that is changing and in a very serious way.

    Ngilu should do the honorable thing, apologize and pay for the truck

  2. Kaparo should know we look upon him to prosecute Ngilu and jail her and those who burnt a lorry and a probox. The song may sound bad but at least it is looking at the past events in Kambaland, history. It is not inciting anybody to violence unless someone has a version that says otherwise or the authorities want to apply law selectively.

  3. Every tear is a blessing

  4. Can our politicians rise above garbage for ones! Why cant the Kamba senior politicians and Central ones get together and discuss to resolve the problem that is conspicuously present and may end up being perennial? Let us not always play politics at the expense of the people that we represent.

  5. Anon 0629hrs, you claim you are hardworking at the expense of other communities. Kenyans are much wiser these days. Kindly, go to mount kenya and burn charcoal there...You want to use other communities resources yet yours remain intact. Wakenya wamechanuka, endeleeni kuongeza maadui...come 2022 jaribuni kucross Ruto!!! you will have no where to run to.

  6. Rwanda genocide started as a joke. This enemity kikuyu people should change n learn this country doesn't belong to them

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