KAMBAs may kill KIKUYUs because of IKAMBA song - CHARITY NGILU spits more venom and the musicians are hunted down!

…some Kenyans are slowly planting seeds of hatred.

“This is how civil war begins and unless we trade carefully as a country, we could plunge this country into chaos,” Ngilu said.

She said some politicians are taking the war against her for enforcing the charcoal ban too far.

Ngilu urged Kenyans and especially the Kamba community to ignore the song.

The song by two Kikuyu artists has attracted a lot of fury in Kenya with many Kenyans asking for their arrest.


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  1. Let Kenyans ignore the song with the contempt it deserves!
    Am kiuk and have no problem with any tribe, seriously. I may have problems with individuals but certainly not a tribe or ethnic groups for that matter. Kindly take the song as the personal opinion of the singers and hold them to account.
    Gavana Ngilu wacha kuongea juu ya civil war, Kalonzo aliongea juu ya Somalia and we are now getting worried. Kwani leaders wa ukambani wamepanga nini

  2. Wacheni uchochezi juu Ngilu ndiye aliwasha moto wa uchocheziwith impunity of even burning unwanted kikuyy traders lorries. If she talks of a civil war, isnt she the one who engineered this hostility???though i have not heard the song.

  3. Kiu** will pay dearly for mocking Other people...time will tell

  4. Enter your comment...anon 13:41 tomba shida unashtua nani kumbafu

  5. Madam Ngili,let you be the last person to talk about tribalism you are the pioneer of this,talking of this you display your hypocrisy

  6. I have a problem with people who use other people calamities to ridicule them. Who wants to sleep hungry? If you are blessed thank heavens, if you are not pray and work harder. Kenya is one and we are all fighting this common enemy called poverty.

  7. ukiwasha moto jua vile utazima......

  8. The venom ngilu spewed out is worse off than the history and situations that the song narrates. For example the song talks of the mango season has already elapsed, a money earner for them. What else will they export? Let us not be so myopic as to fail in looking at facts. The charcoal is from a cut tree, who cut the tree? A Mkamba. What was the purpose of it being cut? To sell charcoal. Should Ngilu be killing the charcoal buyer or the tree cutter? That is why melonites have lagged behind in almost everything apart from the lack of logic.

  9. why was Ngilu not arrested for insiting innocent Kambas on burning trucks belonging to business community?

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