KALENJIN MPs ask Kenyans to help them fight UHURU! He is a dictator who is more worse than Libya’s toppled GADDAFI!

…courts to frustrate us," said Tiren, who is is a close friend of Alfred Keter.

Tiren urged Kenyans to gang up and send Uhuru Kenyatta home because he is becoming a dictator.

“We urge Kenyans to side with us as we fight this tough war.”

“They are soon coming for everyone who doesn't agree with them,” he said.

Similar sentiments were shared by Emurua Dikir's Yohana Ng'eno, a KANU MP who in late October last year declared support for Jubilee.


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  1. Mgaramie ujinga wenu wenyewe,Kikuyu hana shukran

  2. These Nandi community man think they are so sly and what they want is what they get kubaf, your friend Keter is dirty talk to him let him tell you what he is up to, he is a friend to DL does that ring a bell ????? wacha upuzi

  3. Tiren should be recalled by his constituents as he is supporting a corrupt fella keter. What was keter doing at the CBK and at the weigh bridge? Two where does Uhuruto come in in the court ruling or better still the judicial process? Is it only keter whose win has been nullified bwana Tiren? There are a number of them including in Gatundu uhuru's home ground. Remember also Uhuruto had their augast 8th election nullified and went back to the ballot. Hiyo upusi ya some Nandi mps ikome. Ujinga hatutaki and you can not blackmail people with your illegal activities. Period.

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