JOHO in trouble! UHURU not done with him even after reconciling with his friend, RAILA - Did baba betray him again last week?

..Judge misdirected himself by considering the status of Joho as Mombasa Governor.

He further stated that the Judge should have considered Joho as a normal citizen to avoid arriving at a wrong judgment.

Besides, he faulted the judge for declaring that the DPP, DCI, IG and AG were acting on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s orders to investigate Joho.

President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed to teach Joho a lesson after he embarrassed him using a World Bank project in 2015 and has so far closed down his family business at the port.

The DPP is still determined to ensure that Joho is jailed for having fake academic papers.


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  1. Aaaiiiii admin wachaga ufala, why do you look at the president like he is you, I can bet a million bucks I don't think the president even thinks of Joho at "alimu embarrass" mtakufa na ujinga.

  2. Uhuru reconciled with Raila not Joho. It is illegal to give fake certificates. If Joho is sure they are correct then he should not fear investigation. If the papers are fake, the law should apply.

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