EXPOSED: NAMWAMBA is womanizer, he had S3X with his brother’s WIFE and other young LADIES! SHOCKING STORY

Long before Ababu Namwamba became to be known to the Kenyan people, he had already made a name back in his Budalang’i Village as a guy who had slept with his elder brother’s wife and made her pregnant in the process.

This happened when he was in his final years of high school where he hang around the drunkard elder brother’s wife, who might have been s3xu@lly starved at the time and found some loving from the lust young Ababu then.

I have gone underground to investigate the molesting of the girl child in Budalang’i after several people complained about the former MP.

It might have not raised much eyebrow, until recently when the same Ababu, now a grown up and an former MP, turned to the child he sired with the brother’s wife, slept with her at 17years of age, and made her pregnant too.

What can you refer to this guy if not a “cursed man”?

During his term as the Budalang’i MP, Ababu did most appalling things one can imagine for the young former MP, who had all the money, enough to do all he needed elsewhere like all the MPs, but he instead decided to unleash his untamed and indisciplined s3x organ to the needy, vulnerable and immature girls who unfortunately were handed to him by their own unsuspecting parents, seeking assistance from the predator in the name of Ababu Namwamba.

One may want to ask why the “parents”? Yes, the parents who got most assistance from the former MP, had at one time along the way, gone to seek for either School or college Bursary for their daughters or seeking for a job placement of some sort. Their daughters got abused in the process.

It is during such situations where parents needed Ababu’s help, that the young girls were abused at his residence after the parents were paid-off, and told to go home but leave their children at his place with details so as to be attended to later when the MP was free.

Most of the arrangements were carried out by his bodyguard, his Mossad gang and the Ababu Bebz handlers all of whom were part of the scheme to certify their boss’s insatiable s3xu@l urges.

What would transpire later, once the unsuspecting parents had left the compound happily loaded with Shs. 2000 from the MP, would be quite the...

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