CUBA honours Kenya’s first President JOMO KENYATTA in a special way during UHURU visit-PHOTOS.

Friday, March 16, 2018 - Cuba has honored Kenya’s first President, Jomo Kenyatta, for fighting colonialism with a statue at the Park of African Heroes in Havana in a ceremony attended by President Uhuru.

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony, Uhuru thanked the people of Cuba for their selfless and persistent solidarity with the African people.

Uhuru who is on a three day State visit to Cuba said “Africa will forever cherish its relationship with Cuba.  Together we will continue to forge mutually beneficial partnerships for the prosperity of our peoples and nations,”

“I take this opportunity to thank you and the people of Cuba for your solidarity and comradeship in the African liberation movements against colonialism, settler imperialism and apartheid.”

The park was built for heroes who relate to the liberation struggle of African independence from the colonial powers.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s bust is....

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  1. prezo went to cuba to finds ways to change health sector in Kenya since all is in media we are in shithole situation as wrong persons are operated and mothers and babies dying in big numbers when giving birth..........and many dying like chicken due to negligence,laxity etc...

  2. hospitals problems cannot be solved just by merely visiting is mentality of Kenyans....rid off those hospital staff that stole exams all way from nursery.....

  3. Kenya bought equipment worth billions...and still many are dying every day ....prematurely ////

  4. Cubans African idiots!

    They guy was a thieve and should be celebrated as fighting for the African liberation.

    Please remove that piece of shit! That's a face of a thieve with his kid stealer of election and him miss using our taxes for a trip that doesn't represent Kenyan.

    Cuba, that image should be removed and burned at a born fire, cos, it's all shithole. We know it as a thief and a murder: no hiro in that man in hell.

  5. not even opposition have nice past ..all leaders are looters and cheating their tribes....for political and financial advancement...

  6. who was chairman of luo thrift that is where he started enriching himself with poor peoples money...

  7. ata aende mars...waKenya wako na shind kubwa in mind and way of doing things....pesa is main driver...sio service....and stealing all oover even in dxb one stole 137m dhm..

  8. what shocks everyone is new katiba that is meant for rich nations but poor/common citizens were cheated is god yet are paying dearly for it since supports few elected guys......look inflation and land prices....

  9. DP SHOW all comments on all not show only those against some fellows and gava..

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