Aliingiza yote nikiona, then nikasikia bibi akisema, nimeinua, zama ndani sasa, katambe. Tears Started Flowing and I was forced to Do This!!!

I am a Primary School teacher in Makueni. I got a transfer from Nyeri last year.

I am married with three children. My wife runs an MPESA shop in Nyeri. Before I was transferred, we used to be close to each other, she loved me so much.

The first three months after I got a transfer, she was okay with me, she made sure she said hey even when I wasn’t near my phone. We were very close. But as time went by, I realized that when I called her, she wasn’t as enthusiastic as before…she could pick my call and respond as if she was responding to a stranger. I just said it’s because she is maybe busy with taking care of our children.

After a while I heard from a friend that she was seeing a traffic police officer. The friend told me that he had spotted the officer severally going to my house in the wee hours of the morning. I took him serious and came personally to confirm. A day before I came, I told my wife that I was supervising exams, so I won’t make it that weekend. I made her psychologically aware that I won’t be near the house. That day I travelled and camped in my friend’s house, who lives in an apartment near our house.

At exactly 9 pm, my friend came shaking, he pointed outside the window, “look, that’s the man”. I saw a well-built man enter my house, my wife hurriedly opened the...

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  2. so what......why did he take her back after this embarrassment ......jinga sana

  3. a fake story just to promote a fake doctor. nonsense

  4. shithole nation with shit minds...

    General Samson Mwathethe, kindly end this soldier’s suffering Joel Kitanga Nguyo

    Nguyo met and settled with his wife in Lanet Barracks where Major Kinanga was a visitor. But when Nguyo left for a mission to Somalia, the major’s unannounced visits, according to Nguyo’s wife, became frequent, including once parking his saloon car outside Nguyo’s house and trying to seduce his wife who says she declined his advances.

    The major, according to Nguyo’s wife, warned that their life will never be the same again, if she reported the matter. She went ahead and informed her husband, who began being mistreated by the boss followed by the insubordination charges.

    Nguyo expected the matter to be solved by either delaying his promotion or salary deduction.

    “It has been tough. One of my younger brother who was depending on me died when I was jailed, my elderly mother was also taken ill,” he told The Nairobian, adding that, “I’ve been frequenting Nakuru and sometimes court clerks out of their mercy pay my fare back to Nairobi. Some cases have been determined, while mine is still pending. If only such cases could reach the Chief of Defence Forces...”

    Even though his relationship with the Department of Defence ended Nguyo’s ‘Red Book’ is full of praises from other bosses such as: “he’s a young and energetic officer who was focused in all his undertakings... he is recommended for employment elsewhere in the civil sector where his services are required.”

    suffering KDF soldier Joel Kitanga Nguyo Major Gilbert Kinanga

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