Aliingiza yote nikiona, then nikasikia bibi akisema, nimeinua, zama ndani sasa, katambe. Tears Started Flowing and I was forced to Do This!!!

...door and closed it after the man entered.

I waited for about 30 minutes, then tiptoed straight to where my bedroom was situated, I was outside of my house.

“Aliingiza yote nikiona, then nikasikia bibi akisema, nimeinua, zama sasa, katambe”. Tears started flowing freely down my cheeks. I wanted to push the door open but I feared the police might kill me. I then called my wife and informed her that I have heard everything. 

This is what she answered, ‘kitaka unaezaniacha. Kwanza kesho nahama”.

I went to my friend’s house and slept until the following morning, when I boarded a vehicle and went straight to Makueni.

Upon arrival, I got this message from my wife ‘come and close your house, I have moved on”.

From that day, she started living with that police officer.

I stayed for 7 months with depression, desperation and despare. But one day I said I won’t leave my children behind. I started looking for a solution. For a whole month, I had figured out what to do in order to win my wife back, Luckily, a fellow teacher introduced me to Dr Mugwenu. He told me he had faced the same situation and after he consulted the Dr, he managed to win his wife back. I took his contacts, which are:

Phone number +254740637248

I made sure I was dealing with someone who could solve my problems. So,I checked even his website, which is

I contacted Mugwenu, who told me to see them in their Nirobi office. I did so.

After a month, my wife separated with her police officer. Shockingly, she personally came to Makueni to apologize. We are now together.

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  1. this useless guy should pay for advertisement fee courtesy of Dr. mugweru

  2. ok....endlea na ukimwi....

  3. Yani mbimbi alipigwa miti mpaka akanyamba nyamba ukisikia...nugu ii

  4. What is this stupid spineless fool telling us? You cry for a woman when they out number men? Are there others like this swine in the world? Advertising stupidity, you should never walk with men you are a creature of different breed, Soko mtu wewe.

  5. Market your Dr. Mugwenu in another way with a better story less fake story, falla hii.

  6. you are a very stupid man

  7. JINGA WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hii kubaf ya wapi???? unaogopa kustorm nyumba yako wewe ni kubaf, huyu bibi yako atafieko tena huna bahati.

  9. Even the bible is against.Upate a guy juu then you reconcile??
    Umekaliwa chapati


  11. Ngombe wewe shenzi type

  12. You fool how can you fear to storm your house and how dare you bring back a malaya to your house again silly wewe kabisa si you marry a descent girl nuku wewe

  13. You are a foolish idiot... mafi ya kuku wewe bbure kabisaaa.

  14. what kind of message is he trying to pass, i don't understand him well.

  15. Distress to men jinga kabisa

  16. That's bullshit, she will do it again and you'll die of depression. A wife who cheats has the thing in her.

  17. stupidest fake story i have ever read.

  18. wacha watu watombwe

  19. Must be Mugwenu doctors ndio walikua wanapiga wife yako kende,mpaka anasema zamisha yote..probably it was even a combi of cops and doctors..

  20. Even after listening her say all that,you can go back after her?You must be stupid enough and also marketing for those Mugwenu doctors.

  21. i loved the kuingiza part. nice story

  22. eeeh mukamba uyo

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