ACK Bishop JACKSON Ole SAPIT condemns UHURU for re-deporting MIGUNA – He is a Kenyan for God’s sake

...has no residence or any family member.

He criticized Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang'i, for blocking the National Resistance Movement (NRM) leader from accessing justice.

He said that the Kenyan courts are more than capable of handling Miguna’s issue but the Jubilee Government just don’t want to let the courts to do their work.

He warned Uhuru that Miguna’s issue and his dramatic arrest and deportation was portraying Kenya negatively to the international community.


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  1. This bishop is confused and I hope he can relax and appreciate the reality and the ussues. No one says Miguna is not a citizen of Kenya by birth. He even has an ID. However, he cannot enter Kenya by flight thru JKIA on the basis of an ID as if he was from Kisumo. Not at all. He was on an international flight and IATA rules need him to present a ppt to immigration to be cleared. It is the law and it applies to all be they Kenyans or foreigners. If he refused to be civil and do that simple procedure, who do U direct your anger to bishop? Then let's look at court orders. These are instruments the court uses to enforce action. I agree they need to be obeyed by all including Miguna. He disobeyed the court order by refusing to enter Kenya on basis of his Canadian ppt. Obviously, his Kenya passport was void and in the court's custody. Issuing of a new Kenyan ppt is subject to a process of filling a few Forms and presenting a facial image. He refused to do this either. Mr bishop, as you retire to preach this Easter, consider how this guy Miguna was to appear in court unless he's cleared to enter Kenya. Obeying court order one or mor by violating other law is not the solution to the real problem. I dare say, some of the orders are dictated by some lawyers to certain known judges who are in a hurry to concur without giving space for counter arguments to the other side. In my humble and measured view the lawyers involved have complicated the matter so much so many see it as a money making project by the lawyers motivated by politics just to make a political score even if it means doing it on pro bono basis.

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