UK warns its citizens against travelling to Kenya as it anticipates a bloody and deadly revolution as RAILA faces UHURU

...due to last year’s Presidential election in which President Uhuru Kenyatta was controversially declared winner.

“Political tension remains high and further demonstrations and clashes are possible,” the advisory read in part.

The advisory further warned of kidnappings and muggings during protests.

“Mugging, kidnapping carjacking and armed robbery occur regularly, particularly in Nairobi, Mombasa and other large cities.”

“Foreigners are not generally targeted, but incidents of violent crimes have resulted in the death of several British nationals in recent years,” the advisory added.


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  1. Prophets of Doom!!!! There will be NO, i repeat NO REVOLUTION in Kenya in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Those who start, encourage, advocate for a Revolution, will face the music themselves. They will be the first to die, their children, their kins..... watch this space. This country does not belong to any one group, it belongs to God and HE SHALL PROTECT IT BY ALL MEANS. Kenya my beloved country, my motherland, I love you, I shall not take part in burning my country because I need you for my future generation. God Almighty, I worship you and I honour you. There is nothing that is too difficult for you. This nation is yours and you God cannot let it be destroyed by few. Unleash your anger to the individuals and families of those who are planning to burn this country if they don't change their evil and selfish plans. In Jesus Holy Name I Pray. AMEN

  2. Liar show us the travel advisory and what tensions are there???? your imaginary stupid fala

  3. hahaha. nigga puriz, shudnt you people be wary of terrorists from syria and the like who mow people with lorries and shoot people with guns in your 'peaceful' europe?

  4. Which revolution? By who? We may be divided but not foolish. May God continue granting this great nation peace.

  5. Which revolution? unless you're planning one.

  6. Developed country are hypocritical. On one hand they want us to be peaceful, on the other hand they would like us to fight so that they can sell us arms. That advisory was given on a wrong premise that we are to start killing one another. On the contrary, you can remain with your guns or use them to kill one another yourselves as happened in the USA recently.

  7. Mshindwe katika jina la Yesu. That is your own imagination no bloodshed again in this country we will only quarrel like siblings and learn to coexist.

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