The US condemns RAILA ODINGA for swearing himself in but also reprimands UHURU/ RUTO for this ..... Full Statement


Protesters have a right to assemble peacefully, to express their views freely, and to hold opinions without interference.

We are also deeply concerned by the Government’s action to shut down, intimidate, and restrict the media.

Freedom of expression, including for members of the media, is essential to democracy and is enshrined in Kenya’s Constitution.

We urge the Government and all Kenyans to respect freedom of expression and implement court orders calling for the restoration of television broadcasts.

We again urge Kenyan leaders and citizens to begin a national conversation to build cohesion and address long-standing issues.

The United States continues to support efforts by religious, business, and civil society leaders to begin this conversation in the near future and calls on everyone to participate in this endeavor.

The United States stands firmly with the people of Kenya; it is only Kenyans who can find a way to resolve their differences and chart the destiny of this great country.

Heather Nauert 

Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
February 1, 2018

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  1. Why does America think it is brighter in the way we should conduct ourselves?ho made them prefect? How did they handle anti- Trump
    If media can cause blood shed within a short duration of time due to reckless and partisan personalities, why cant the government be let to due what is prudent for the sake of National Security. We would be happy if persons from America stopped behaving like they are the ones who know everything, yet the intricacy of matters lie with us here. Must America give direction in everything! Do they think our government is led by scatter brains! Why will Americans think they have the 'how' to everything?Their solutions are always utopic and based on their own interests. Their lectures on democracy and participation have gotten Kenya and other African counties like Lybia to where they are.
    We respect America but they are not the perfect society or government. They mislead sometimes out of naiveté or pursuit of own interests. Is there any brilliance they can borrow from us I wonder or do they think we are a whole bunch of morons in a shithole!
    We are only a small country, with excellent brains and moving very first. We only did not have Western education but we caught up very first and are going far within no time.
    Tusifanyiwe ujanja wa kusimamishwa.

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