The famous “Githeri Man” spotted at a Changaa Den in Kayole’s Soweto Slums, He is back to zero (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOs). are exclusive photos.


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  1. Life has become unbearable for professionals working at the National Treasury. PSCK approved promotions for Accountants, Auditors, Finance officers and other cadre of officers at the Natonal Treasury. Interviews were conducted as ordered by PSCK and the PS but frustrations are being fronted by the national treasury's Hrm and administration and other connected officers. It is now one year since the process started. They are demanding all forms of bribes and blatantly delaying these promotions just to force officers to bribe them. Some officers are about to retire but all is being delayed just to punish officers and ensure injustice prevails. National treasury have continued to retain beraucrats like mutua kilaka who have continued to lead suffering of officers at the National Treasury. This kind of mistreatment is being fronted by NASA simpathisers within the civil service to portray Jubilee negatively. Uhuru Kinyatta and your good friend William Ruto, please come to aid of your officers who have from time to time been subjected to all forms mistreatment, transfers and malignment. They have served your government with dedication.

  2. Monkeys are to trees just as horses are to stables. A monkey from forests no matter where you take it, no matter how you take it there, whichever manner you dress it, ultimately the monkeys will go back to the trees in the forests and hop from tree to tree feeding on fruits and seeds as well as stealing your pan cake in through your kitchen window. I cannot blame the githeri man as a symbolic common Kenyan.

  3. Everyone in life has one chance or a few to be given a boost and make use of it . This man is one example to that , so he should not blame anyone about his demise and choices . A boost and recognition by the state and Nairobi's elite community and endless radio and tv interviews which i am sure they were paid per interview , one can wonder how can one still fuck up.

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