See what JOHO did to KALONZO that may force him to dump RAILA ODINGA for UHURU/ RUTO! Was he sent to say this?

...not attending Raila’s swearing in.

However, Kitui Senator, Enoch Wambua, has told off Governor Joho and other ODM leaders for alleged disrespect to Kalonzo.

Speaking on Saturday at a funeral in Mwingi, Wambua said it would be shameful for any NASA leader to disrespect the four NASA principals regardless of who he is.

He noted that Wiper and Kalonzo might be forced to look for other options if the insults will not stop.


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  1. Governor Ali Hassan Joho, only did what he had been instructed to do at the ODM National Delegates event and he did his dirty job quite effectively. He is the defacto Deputy while his equal number is the dejure Deputy leaders of ODM. That said, baba knows very well between the two, who will think twice and question the message and who wouldn't at all for lack of capacity. The message was very well calculated and targeted. That's why baba took the personal initiative to invite the NASA principals in person. The emphasis on ODM as the only party to concentrate on was intended for the other NASA principals and it hit right spot on on both Kalonzo and Musalia. Luckily, by coincidence Weta escaped the heat by having to get the message second hand. It was also a planned humiliation to Dr Agnes Zani where Joho had to recognize Prof Nyongo as the man who had the ODM party close to his heart and so did Jannet. To bring in a political novice Edy Sifuna as the Secretary Gen over Dr. Zani who has been acting tells the story. It would be stupid for Kalonzo and Musalia in particular to be hood winked by the dark forces that's usually cast upon their ability to make wise decisions. That is why ODM handlers and baba have the audacity to threaten Kalonzo to take his oath or shut up. It is not alaughing matter and as we see some Wiper leaders tying to justify the dressdown of their leader by folks like Joho as baba watches should worry Kalonzo. At this point only a devil would stay on. Musalia too is not gonna swallow the insults and he with his deputy ANC leader have said just as much. At this juncture, NASA is as good as dead. I don't see Weta being indifferent.

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