RAILA wants KIKUYUs and KALENJINs barred from vying for Presidency for 200 years! UHURU should be the last KIKUYU

…Rift Valley regions from having a candidate for the top seat in the coming presidential elections.

He will do this by introducing rotational Presidency.

In this formula, Raila is proposing that no community will rule continuously, before the other tribes also get a chance.

Bearing in mind that we have 44 tribes in Kenya, if Raila Odinga’s proposal is implemented, it would take the Mt Kenya and Rift Valley regions 200 years before they produce a candidate for the top seat.


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  1. Raila is a chaotic populist. By introducing a rotational head of state, he forgets that a law or constitutional article that is targeted at one or two specific communities is out of order and achaic thinking that has no place in a modern world. What would be the fate of Kenyans who are not from any of the 44 so called communities (tribes) that have ambition to presidency? This is how myopic leadership is capable of destroying a country if allowed. The constitution has protected Kenyans from any form of discrimination and this in effect is introducing it and it must not be allowed. Why should Kenyans ever have presidential elections every five years? It would save Kenyans resources if we then just draw a schedule of when which (each) of the 44 tribes will have its turn? In sum, if Raila has nothing better to say or do, he should be escorted to his retirement and give his younger brilliant men and women in his tribe to lead the community. This might help to modernize their thoughts.

  2. At some point they made you a Kikuyu elder, what kind of an elder are you to despise your family?

  3. We are Kenyans not tribes and that should be the mantra for any sane person in Kenyan especially the senile man. This is a democracy and that nonsense of rotational president is retrogressive and stupid. One man one vote and that is democracy. See your ideas to the people uwache ufaalaa bwana tibim

  4. To add a voice on that,I also support no one who has ever been elected on a political seat,should not be allowed to participate again, neither on any other political seat, and should not exceed one term of five years.So as to accommodate others in political field

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