RAILA ODINGA’s daughter, WINNIE, skins UHURU and RUTO live over their latest manoeuvre - This is barbaric! KANU 2

....Kenya is sliding back on the freedom of the media.

“Our colonial masters are celebrating media freedom, here in our democracy it is a media blackout.”

“May be we should go back,” said Winnie.

Matiangi has maintained that media houses will remain shut down until the Government completes its investigation.

The TV stations were shut down on allegations that they were planning to air Raila Odinga's swearing in live.


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  1. Ask your father to order the opening of the TV stations. I thought he is a "President". Or your father is a President without powers?

  2. Then kindly tell your daddy to act in a civilised manner! who does not know their real intentions was to cause mayhem and get it televised the world over for symphathy!! Rwanda let its media have the freedom the result was the genocide!!

  3. Let Winnie Odinga Know that her Savage semi- literate dad mis- educated a bunch of Kenyans on democracy.The word, since Winnie's father grew down has been abused in this country and has yielded us nothing but backwardness, self centerdness*, dictatorship,idolization of one man and intimidation of a whole nation. It has crippled us. We would rather what you Winnie and your fathers followers are calling the 'dark days', justfor the sake of self perpetuation. Yet the whole lot of you are empty as regards the welfare of this Nation.
    It is time the government stopped being intimidated by the opposition's craftily selected words aimed at painting it as atrocious. It is time the government did all within its powers to tame this opposition that lost direction along time ago and started sacrificing Kenya and Kenyans at the alter of selfish personal ends. We are tired!

  4. Mtoto ya nyoka ni nyoka tu!

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