MIGUNA says UHURU/ RUTO have not complied with KIMARU’s orders! They obliterated my passport! MARAGA please

…so-called “return of Migun'a passport” fake story.

The respondents have not complied with Justice Kimaru’s order. The court order clearly states that the respondents must “deposit the passport with the High Court Registry in 7 days.”

That implies the return of a functioning, valid passport in the same manner that it was forcefully and illegally taken from me.

The respondents were not ordered to return to court something else different from what they had illegally confiscated.

What the illegitimate Government has done is to deposit a defaced or perforated passport in defiance of the court order.

The court did not order the respondents to destroy, deface or perforate my passport before depositing it with the court.

This latest defiance must be seen in the light of the respondents’ continued contempt of court, disrespect to the court and violation of my constitutional rights.

The respondents believe, wrongly, that the guns they wield are far superior to the courts, the rule of law and the Constitution!

We must prove them wrong.

The struggle against the perveyors of impunity and abuse of power will continue.

- Miguna Miguna
Toronto, Canada
February, 21, 2018


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  1. You deportee stay in your country, mdomo mingi ya nini?

  2. Too bad...you can re-apply. Utajua hujui.

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