MIGUNA MIGUNA tells UHURU his days in State House are numbered! You are soon going to Gatundu to drink Muratina!

Saturday February 17, 2018 - Self declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) General, Miguna Miguna, has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of using  his daily paper, The People Daily, to besmirch his character.

Commenting on social media on Friday, Miguna who was deported to Canada last week alleged that President Kenyatta was misusing a local daily he allegedly owns to damage his reputation. 

Miguna who is an Osgoode trained lawyer further claimed that Uhuru was…

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  1. Stop abusing our duly and properly elected president Uhuru Kenyatta. At least he is home in Kenya.

    Firstly, If you loved this country as you claim, you would not be in possession of two citizenships. Why do you have a Canadian passport? Someone needs to dig into your past to know why you run away from Kenya

    Secondly, that rubbish mouth if yours should by now have got you a ticket. Why have you not got yourself aboard a Canadian flight ensuing Kenya and waited at the JKIA airport for your passport to be brought to you or better still use your Canadian passport as a Canadian tourist?

    Lastly, by now you should know that you are not needed here in Kenya. NASA are just using you for mileage but are really not interested in you. Why did nairobians reject you even with your so called manifestos? They preferred Sonko who had none?

    Train that foul mouth of yours and stay home in Canada where you will find more peace

  2. Uhuru's wife has dual citizenship anon.07.04,this is the new Constitution, don't display your ignorance here.Peleka ukikuyu wako mbali.

  3. Vitisho vya ujinga.. Kaa uko u r not needed here...

  4. You sound primitive. Read the constitution of Kenya man.

  5. 19:50 yes, her lady Margaret Kenyatta has dual citizenship,BUT she has NEVER at any point been involved in scandals anywhere in Germany or Kenya like your so called MM.

    Ask your manifesto friend why he did not complete his studies in Kenya and had to run away in the first place then you will know what no one wants to talk about.Ask him about that family in Canada that he is trying to run away from and you will also know another story that he does not want anyone to unearth and the reason he does not want to stay with them in Canada.

    Ajaposhikwa mafungo huenda tena.
    Asiyejua maana haambiwi [maana]
    Ateteae mtuku ni tangauko la bure.

    Haya tafakari hapo wewe 19:50 pengine utakuwa mwerevu baadaye

    Wewe ndio mjinga na ukierevuka, utamshukuru aliyekuumba.

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