MIGUNA MIGUNA reveals why Kenyans have been electing crazy drunkards like UHURU and chicken thieves like RUTO

..been at logger heads with the Jubilee Government led by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto after he was deported for participating in the illegal swearing in of NASA leader, Raila Odinga, as the People’s President.

Since then, he has been throwing missiles from Ontario, Canada, where he has a second home.

This is what he wrote on Twitter a moment ago.

The primary reasons why despots, lazy drunkards and certified thieves have RULED Kenya - not GOVERNED - since 1963 are: We've not organised our politics around IDEOLOGICAL PURITY/CLARITY.”

“We've coddled DISHONESTY & OPPORTUNISM. Discipline and focus win revolutionary wars! Viva!,” he said


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  1. If you are not a thief, a drunkard, a despot yourself, how did you amass all your wealth. Arent you the worst demagogue who want to take nasa/nrm by force from those who started it whike you were hibanating tgere in Ontario?? If you are not also an opportunist, how did you amass all the wealt?. To hell with your stupid ideologies!!.

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