MIGUNA MIGUNA blasts RAILA badly! I insist MAGAYA and NDII are UHURU/ RUTO’s moles and I have evidence

…claiming that he trusts Magaya and Ndii that him.

Miguna has now responded to Raila Odinga insisting that Magaya and Ndii are Jubilee moles who are planning to ruin NASA coalition from within.

I stand by my note to @DavidNdii and @amugira, which has not been denied.”

“My note is true in substance and in fact.”

“We are going to liberate Kenya from the despots with truth, honesty, integrity and courage; not lies.”

“@JubileePartyK despots are the enemy.”

“Let's march on!” Miguna said on Monday in response to Raila.


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  1. Miguna should never have be deported but chopped into small pieces into a sack. That way many would have learnt a lesson.

  2. Who are the worst tyrants/despots here, if not migunaguna and his baba who controls their nasa/nrm like real despots/dictators???. Even if a lie is told a thousand times how Uhuruto are despots, it'll never be true because the whole world knows and have talked the truth of the matter coz they knows Uhurutos do not qualify to be despots/tyrants/dictators. They are cool and have alot of wisdom who knows the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom but not chest thumbing.

  3. Miguna Miguna.. the writing is on the wall Baba knows you are a chameleon and a threat to him so he does not care whether you rot in jail of remain in Canada the rest of your life so shut your big mouth and forget coming back to Kenya. Your enemies are in NASA and not in the government.

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