MARAGA tells AHMEDNASIR ABDULAHI to stop being a socialite lawyer! Litigate in court, not on social media!

…the Law are irrelevant/useless...& the judge is always Azdak as in Bertolt Brecht, "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" or a version of Azdak...Governor Wambora was the farmer in Scene III," Ahmednasir said.

“Whether a party wins or not, the Kenyan justice system is too compromised and is not fit for purpose.”

“HE Uhuru's tag of referring to judges as "WAKORA" should form the foundation of a national debate on our judiciary.”

“Wambora was dethroned by the Court...illegally /unjustly,” Ahmednasir added.
But in a fast rejoinder, Maraga asked Ahmednasir to stop intimidating and blackmailing Judges and instead choose to litigate his cases in court or on social media.


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  1. Justice in Kenya? Almost all judges are compromised. I listen to Maraga and wonder what a nation.

  2. we have no justice system in Kenya,only Raila judicial system.

  3. Did someone say 'justice in Kenya' I always trebble with trepidation every time The Chief Justice has to respond to barbs aimed at the judiciary its too petty for him even to respond. Who is he protecting? the mwananchi, the bench or the Bar. I totally agree we need a national conversation on the judicially from the top to the bottom before they plunge this great nation into chaos.

  4. Ahmednasir is a lawyer of outstanding repute but he is bending too low to comment on matters of the court in social media. He should litigate in court.

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