Jubilee MPs now fear arrest by UHURU/ RUTO after the arrest of ALFRED KETER - We are next for opposing Jubilee

...may arrest them any time.

They accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, of resorting to dictatorship saying any legislator who says anything against the Jubilee Government finds himself arrested over unfounded suspicions.

Tiren said there is more than meets the eye in the arrest of Alfred Keter, considering that his arrest came shortly after he differed with Government over his removal from the house leadership committee.

“If the Government will be picking us one after another, how then will we do our job which is to represent our people in Parliament?” asked Tiren.


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  1. I think these Jubilee MPs are not clever or wise. It was a very open arrest of Hon Alfred Keter with two others right inside the Central Bank. The offence was also publicly stated and that's what we know. Let's wait for the police to freely investigate the matter and if they decide on the charges, they will present them to court. It's pointless to politicize the case so early before all the facts are laid in court. Keter alleges he was only accompanying the other two to assist them by introducing them to an official at Central Bank. This is where facts will determine what was going on. As a justice lecturer I find it hard to believe that Hon. Keter is stupid to take the two friends to meet an official of Central Bank without a clue of the issue they need help with or assistance. The other two are the only people who can either save him or fix him. In this regard, politicians must desist from rushing to make political capital without facts.

  2. 9:46 you are very kubaf fellow. How can Keter not know what he was accompanying these fellows to CBK for? Wewe unaweza enda kusindikisha wenzako mahali ambapo haujui wanaenda kufanya nini and now especially when you proclaim you are a legal minded fellow?the more you should know that you cannot just go to such places hivotu?

    This guy knew very well what they were up to and this is something they have done before.infact he is the ring leader the others are just puppets.because he is the ring leader the others are quiet because they know he has links like Akina Gideon who will ensure he is let go.kama angekuwa mwananchi wa kawaida angekiona cha mtema kuni. .

  3. Hon Joshua Kutuny, do not put the cart before the horse. There is much you or us the public do not know, but it's doubtful Hon. Alfred Keter was a victim of a good MP in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hon. Keter might have been trying to assist the two other suspects on a matter he too does not full understand the facts. It appears there is more that meets the eye. Kutuny should have calmed down and allow the Fraud Unit at the CBK and the CID to complete their investigations. It the lawyer's duty to argue for police bail terms and not the MP even if the matter goes to court on Monday. I detest this habit of seeking cheap political capital by using media publicity especially where thy misleading the public and raise ethnic tension.

  4. True Anon: 09:46. Let investigations be concluded and keter be aligned in court b4 these silly politicians comment on it unless they were also promised a cut of the loot. There are these politicos who are engaged in illegal and thieving activities just because they belong to the ruling party and expect not to be investigated. That wont happen anymore. None is above the law.

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