How UHURU/ RUTO set up ALFRED KETER using NIS spies! He was caught red handed stealing 633 million from CBK

Saturday February 17, 2018 - Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter, has claimed that he was set up by Uhuru/ Ruto’s Government using NIS when he was arrested on Friday at Central Bank of Kenya trying to defraud Kenyans 633 million shillings.

Keter and two others were arrested by Anti Bank Fraud Unit when they were trying to cash forged Treasury Bills worth 633 million.

The outspoken MP first tried to hide his face from the cameras even as he loudly denied the allegations.

Handcuffed and deprived of the dignity MPs crave, a visibly subdued Keter claimed he had gone to “assist” Chatur and Sakwa before he was set up. 

“I just came to…

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  1. What has Uhuru got to do with setting up Keter? Yeye ndiye alimbeba akampeleka CBK? Nani alimpatia hizo bills? Why was he not working in his office that day was he off duty huyu Keter? Eeh tell us how he was helping his friends as he is trying to say? What does he know about treasury bills that he has so much knowledge that he has to go to CBK to physically assist his friends who were very well dressed?

    Munaona wakenya niwajinga sauna. U want people to believe that he was set up by the government because he refused to attend the meeting the govt held the other day. That in itself is absconding duty according to the employment act and is subject to Sumarry dismissal.

  2. I think that the Government should intensify such setting ups,if its going to eradicate corruption.You definitely cannot alert a thief that you are coming to arrest him.

  3. MwiziXMwizi=to Mwizi and Mwizi's days are numbered, no matter how much politics we may introduce.
    I hope even Waiguru will never get to a higher position that she regrettably holds currently.


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