Britain urges UHURU/ RUTO to move fast and dialogue with RAILA ODINGA after his swearing in, it is now getting serious

...hold open and transparent dialogue to promote peace and cohesiveness in the country.

“A full dialogue between politicians, religious leaders, business leaders and civil society groups would help create unity in the country,” said Hailey.

He added that dialogue would prevent getting Kenya’s image tainted abroad.

“We have internationals in the country and we would like to see open dialogue among leaders in a mission to seek key interventions that can help deal with political differences that could have been created during the election campaigns,” he said.


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  1. "We have internationals in the country and we woulk like to see open dialogue among leaders in a mission to seek key intervention on issues that can help resolve the political differences that arose from election campaigns" this is the British view that is obviously self serving. Kenyans are the primary stakeholders in Kenya's political destiny. The swearing of ODM leader is of no legal consequence and Britain should not try to use it to pressure Kenyan leadership to hastily take to dialogue with the opposition without a mutual agenda, before it is agreed on. While dialogue makes sense, the preconditions I hear from both sides make it hard for any such a forum to be developed any time soon. It's imparative for any serious diplomat to do a little more homework before asking for any dialogue not u less they are calling for technical teams from the all sides and not just NASA and Jubilee political formations because Kenya has more than just these two stakeholders.

  2. We are tired of electoral frauds,one should not rig elections and you tell others to negotiate.That is what should be addressed not forming coalition's.
    The head of ICT murdered 5 day's to elections and you keep quite.

  3. We here think it is not about dialogue with a man who looks for all tricks to reject defeat in elections over the years: a man who has an obsession with being president by whatever means including blood baths. We never heard the West tell Trump to dialogue with Clinton over her alleged rigging for Trump to win.
    Let the West know we understand them. They love to EITHER DICTATE to African leadership or HUNG ON THE FENCE for the sake of their interests when unsure what side may eventually carry the day.
    We beg that they either talk about situations genuinely or shut up. A man who keeps shifting the countries constitution and politics all the times by using hooligans to fight when things do not suit him, should be talked to in no nonsense terms.
    Raila is the only problem Kenya has but the West will handle him very cautiously and hypocritically, just in case his violent and unconstitutional maneuvers may deliver him a win.
    Wazungus should know they do not care one bit about Africa but what is in Africa. If we could wipe one another out and the resources were left free for the strong ones taking, the better. Look at Libya now, courtesy of the West. Scramble for Africa still on and between the West and the East now. Jimmy Wanjigi fronts for the East for personal gains.

  4. Uhuru Kenyatta is legally in the office after he was re-elected again on 26th October, 2017 with a massive number of votes, sworn in and now is serving his second term. Let's give him time to kamilisha his promises as he said during the campaign.

    If anyone is not satisfied let them wait until 2022 for another election. There is time.

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