All Kenyans are equal but KIKUYUs are superior! BONIFACE MWANGI says and mordantly thanks to UHURU/ RUTO

…our trigger happy police men.

Article 37, the right to protest, picket was respected by @PoliceKE today for KIKUYUS aligned to Uhuru.”

“They vandalised private property.”

“Any other community would have been beaten, teargassed and shot.”

“Today was enough statement, ALL Kenyans are equal BUT Kikuyus are superior! SAD,” Mwangi said.

The Kikuyu were demonstrating against Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu, who called for the burning of lorries ferrying charcoal from Kitui County.

Ngilu appeared today before the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) over these remarks that were interpreted to insinuate that she was targeting members of the Kikuyu community.


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  1. i Have always agreed with Bonyface's views.

    First i have to say that the government is Legitimate, but the way the Kikuyu feel they are superior seems to be practical in many sectors, its not wrong to feel superior, but doing so at the expense of other tribes is very wrong. As Kenyans everyone has to have an equal opportunity to get a job. For instance, if one applies for a job in Nairobi and he is not Kik, or Kale then the chance of getting the job is minimal this makes other tribes feel injustice

  2. Huyu na yeye si akuwe mjaluo ama mimaba..idiot..useless man.. didn’t you see them being tear gassed in the news?

  3. Why are we being treated to this Kikuyu bashing, even after the lorry carrying chacoal was burnt where this famous fame seeking Kikuyu basher never even made a mentioned.

  4. ile gari ilisababisha haya yote ni ya nani?. mwenye kuamurisha wafanye kile kitendo ninani? do you just watch as property is destroyed and when people ask you start your activism

  5. The thinking of brainwashed by activist. They are just mature people. Inflating tyre is not destroying unlike Kitui people and Kisumu who react by burning. Burning is satanic act to fellow sinners.

  6. I don`t agree with Mwangi that kikuyus did that because they are superior.They did what Kenyans do when they feel aggrieved.When Kambas blocked the road and burned the lorry ferrying charcoal,it was not said they did that because they were superior.When the supreme court nullified presidential election and ordered for it to repeated within 90 days Luos blocked the roads, burned and destroyed private properties and even denied other Kenyans to exercise their constitutional and political rights to elect president of their choice but they were not told they are superior.Why is it that when kikuyus do something it is criticized.Kikuyus are Kenyans like any other tribe and they are here to stay and do like any other Kenyans.

  7. So,it was inferior for Kamba youths to burn Kikuyu lorries after instructions from mama rainbow but it's superior for Kikuyus to picket? Sometimes I feel Kikuyus are an endangered species.

  8. MR. admin. stop writing stories with no heads or tails

  9. Painting his tribesmen badly so that he looks good, bure kabisa.

  10. Why can't admin use is real, instead hiding under the Kikuyu name (mwangi)?

  11. boni is just fuel hate as he is used. he a kikuyu hater. and he enjoy it since it is the only way to earn his life.

  12. mwangi you are lost in your thinking the govana aurtholized the burning of the lorry and yet you were quiet about it . are the kamba so Superior than kiuku. it is ashame for a right activist to take side.many properties belonging to kiukus has been lost and yet nobody talks and if the come out the are called names.

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