ALFRED KETER to lose his seat as MP for attempting to steal sh633 million from CBK - Never joke with UHURU/ RUTO

...the Directors of Desai Company who he had gone to assist before he was arrested.

It is not clear if this is the severe punishment that President Uhuru Kenyatta promised the renegade Jubilee MPs for snubbing a State House meeting last week.

Uhuru vowed to punish Alfred Keter and all those who skipped the State House meeting until they learn their lessons.

Keter was arrested on Friday morning on allegations that he wanted to defraud CBK of sh633 million in fake Treasury Bills.


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  1. Alfred Keter, you had gone there to assist the directors of desai company with what, as a lawyer or are you a staff at KCB????? no wonder the big mouth cos of the loot u have bn getting from these scouplers indians. utajua hujui my friend.

  2. The problem with us Kenyans is placing the blame where it does not belong. Our MP's think they are too big for the law to get them. Keter is one of the big headed ones. He is playing with our intelligence when he claims he trying to help someone over the issue. Does it mean those arrested him do not know the difference between Keter and his 'client' or his friends whoever they might be? Wait for it like a gentleman, you made your bed you sleep in it. Having your fellow tribesmen especially Kutuny shouting at the top of his voice for you to look like an angel will not help in any way. I remember you saying it for all and sundry at the Gilgil weigh bridge that you and your colleagues make the laws; I wonder why you break the same laws. Was it supposed to mean the because you make the laws you have the authority to break the same with abandon?

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