ALFRED KETER joins RAILA ODINGA’s NASA and calls UHURU a benevolent dictator and he is borrowing too much

...don't fall into the trap of dismembering democratic space," Keter said.

"From the recent developments, it is clear that he is borrowing from the Communist Party at an alarming rate and this is unacceptable,” Keter added.

Labeled a Jubilee rebel, Keter further claims that Uhuru is taking advantage of a Jubilee controlled parliament to gag independent institutions.

Keter’s sentiments come a week after he was caught red handed trying to steal Sh 633 million from Central Bank of Kenya using forged Treasury Bills.


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  1. Keter is even late in joining NASA. That is the right place for him to join the fellowship of gluttons and thieves who turn anarchists to protect their vices.Soon, Raila and his people will start telling us that if we touch Keter, Kenya will burn.

  2. Keter, uuuuuuui,uuuuuuuui, mwizi, mwizi. If democracy is for supporting thieves, then we better borrow from communists.
    This indisciplined boy who was suspended from school thrice for sneaking, inciting school into a strike and fighting school management thinks Kenya is a SCHOOL?He was indisciplined and wrong even then and he thinks it was heroic.NASA is where indisciplined Kenyans belong.

  3. This Keter is dangerous and corrupt skimmer. He is busy in corridors of government organs corrupting tenders. However, China funding moddel has no room to allow their money be squandered they do the project themselves unlike World bank, IMF and Euro Bond

  4. Who has an idea what Keter and one Langat did or failed to do at the initial SGR deal?

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