A Labour Party insider reveals the dirty business that NAMWAMBA and his brother are engaged in! This is bad

Mistrust and silent wrangles mar Labour Party as Ababu Namwamba puts a grip on the Party

Much seems to have been done behind the scenes in regard to Labour Party by Hon.. Ababu Namwamba and his brother Prof. Tom Destiny Namwamba who are single handedly taking charge of the Party and without consultations with stakeholders. They are actually intimidating any sharp minds in the party with threats of fire action. They are afraid of reasoning with them and quietly replacing them. 

There is actually a deliberate move to concentrate the party in Budalangi by picking only those who come from the former party leader's constituency and a few toothless individuals from across Busia then a few from other parts of the country who are not independent minded people. The strategy is to take advantage of Prof. Julia's age and ability to manage the party as a national entity as they turn her into a ceremonial chair of the Party she founded and surround her with their sycophants who will overrule her decisions in a so called crafted democratic move. 

They seem also not to like independent minded thinkers. They are afraid of them. They are driven by fear and some names have already been quietly filed at the Registrar of political parties without following due process. This means decisions have been cooked to replace some of the Party leadership who still believe they are in office when in real sense they have been replaced. Ababu Namwamba is known to use and dump people along the way after rising. He has created several whatsapp group teams of unsuspecting young people who are not privy to his selfish tactics which he himself commands as a general. He types for them what to post and how to attack those who fall out with him in principle. 

During a recent meeting in Eldoret of carefully selected persons majority from Budalangi, he took a sabbatical leave and tried to impose a successor and intimidated those who declared to take over the leadership from him having them marked as rebels. Now their image before him is in limbo. 

Some of his protégés made it clear that Labour Party is now a Budalangi Party and those from other areas are free to join political parties in their regions if they are not comfortable with the idea of Labour Party being a Budalangi Party. Ababu Namwamba himself sighted Ford Kenya being Bungoma, ANC being Vihiga and Kakamega, other constituencies in Busia are stuck in ODM and they are free to stay there. Some people from Budalangi were heard to suggest that those from the Rift Valley cannot be trusted as there is no way they will leave the Deputy President for Ababu's ambitions. 

The carefully invite only meeting in Eldoret at Noble Hotel between 16 and 19th February sponsored by the National Democratic Institute (NDI)  was controversially attended by Erick Matsanza, the Secretary of Information,  who had not been invited in the meeting despite closely working with Ababu Namwamba  during the campaign period even that of H. E. President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election where he shared a campaign chopper with Ababu and...

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