We will not vote for you in 2022 as President if MANDAGO continues to harass KIKUYUs in Eldoret - Mt. Kenya tells RUTO

...Central Kenya have warned that they will withdraw their support for Ruto in 2022 when he will be seeking the Presidency.

Led by Nakuru Governor, Lee Kinyanjui, the Jubilee leaders accused the Mandago administration of sidelining and discriminating against hawkers from the Kikuyu community who are said to be numerous in Eldoret town.

His sentiments were echoed by Bahati MP, Kimani Ngunjiri, who warned that should Kikuyus continue suffering in the hands of Mandago in Eldoret, then Ruto should forget their support in 2022 completely.

Mandago has since denied profiling members of certain communities, noting that the operation was done within the law in his bid to clear the streets of Eldoret town.


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  1. Cowshit and who said only kikuyus are the only hawkers in Eldoret?

  2. Pat my back i pat yours!!!. Mandago please give Kikuyu space to do their business otherwise profilling them andcdestroyig their business wilshow how they'll suffernin Ruto's regime 2022. Therefore give them space tusichange mind.

  3. Bullshit talk about Kikuyus and Eldoret! About 2022, it is betrayal and blackmail as expected...But just a minute, isn't Kinyanjui a Kalenjin, doesn't he know? It is a mockery and irony on his part. Laughable, isn't it?

  4. Mandago, leave these fellows alone because they are developing and growing Eldoret town or you want characters from luo nyanza whose specialization is destruction? The video clip showed bad clobbering of Kenyans by your goons. settle these amicably with these traders / hawkers. if you continue squishing their balls, they might decide also grab DP Ruto balls and crush them in 2022.

  5. This is total blackmail. Mr. Governor, Mandago is not Ruto, who even told you they are friends? Kalenjins support was without conditions. In Nakuru your government must be having problems with hawkers and you know it. Kosa la nduguyo isitumiwe kukusulubisha.

  6. Take your votes to hell. We are not going to be blackmailed by criminals masquerading as hawkers. Genuine hawckers operate by the law of the land and don't move around with crude weapons. Trying to make sure this a tribal affair is primitive and idiotic. Hawkers in Eldoret are from all tribes and it doesn't matter a diddle what Kinyanjui Chomba and Co think!

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