UHURU has no friends! See what KAGAME has done to him! Kenya is now isolated and RAILA will have the last laugh

...connect the border town of Isaka to Kigali.

“We did an assessment and found it economically affordable to use Tanzania as a gate-route to our country," Kagame said.

Early last year, Kagame came to Kenya and said he will prefer Kenya as a sea route to Rwanda’s import and exports

However, his pronouncement today seems that he has changed his mind and he has abandoned President Uhuru Kenyatta for Magufuli.

Magufuli is a close buddy of NASA leader, Raila Odinga.


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  1. Admin " Uhuru has no friends Raila gets the last laugh" who is competing with who???? Is Raila not Kenyan??? or maybe he is alien from where you come from. If there are any economic pinches to be felt then it affects across the divide, buda wacha ufala and hate speech.

  2. Na bado watch this space very soon Magufuli will be heading to South Africa to undo what president Uhuru MLEVI did. mambo bado.

  3. Naswa supporters feel happy now. So, no need for SGR to Kisumu.

  4. I think we Kenyans need a rebirth, When your country is headed the wrong direction, you find some of us stupidly celebrating.
    Is there a time when we will be patriotic enough such that when unga prices go up we dont look for who to blame but we spend our energies finding solutions? Does Uhuru or Raila feed anyone of us outside their families
    Who loses jobs when SGR goes away from Kenya to Tanzania? Grow up you thoughtless ....!

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