This is the woman RAILA ODINGA is using to bring a revolution and make sure he is sworn in on 30th January as the People’s President

...Opposition for raising unnecessary tension in the country and warned to Schaake to keep off Kenyan affairs.

“Schaake is no doubt being used as a tool to force revolution of Raila Odinga and planned swearing in,” said Njoroge.

“Our message to Schaake and any other tool being used to bring instability in Kenya and anywhere in Africa is quite simple, no more,” she added.

The lobby group further accused EU of having financed Raila Odinga in last year’s election and wants to recoup back their money by any means necessary even if it means causing instability in Kenya.


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  1. That EU Shaake or whatever she is should take her sadism against Africa and Kenya away. She is a corrupt thing bringing evil to our peaceful Nation under God so as to please her very sick and evil master Raila. She will be thoroughly embarrassed. Tumetoka mbali kufika hapa juu ya YESU. Huyo Shcaake anamfahamu?

  2. wacheni ukikuyu bwana ,presidency is not a preserve of the two tribes only

  3. Who is this Shaake of EU???????????

    Kenyans know exactly who they voted for on 8th August and also who they voted for on 26th October 2017. Those stories of yours will not change what the majority of Kenyans did. You and Raila can go burn in hell as Kenya is a nation of the living Jehovah God. You won't and we will not allow you to bring any instability in Kenya and mark my words.

  4. This woman is well known it is not a coincidence that she was here together with Godec during elections knowing very well the two were together during the Tunisia and Libya crisis, this fucker talking about two tribes is one of the foot soldiers being recruited to start a revolution like what we saw in the Northern African Arab countries but too late it will never work.

  5. Personally I have never seen Raila but his fellow Luos make me sick with their rudeness the reason I will never vote for one of their own.

  6. She belongs to the group that has never accepted that their ICC tricks flopped

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