This is the powerful position that DONALD TRUMP wants UHURU to give to RAILA ODINGA - This is a game changer!

..trappings of power before it is handed over to Raila Odinga.

The position will come with an office, motorcade, staff and commensurate package that will enable Raila Odinga to travel all over the world as he promotes Kenya’s image and give talks on democracy.

Besides, the offer would be a retirement package for Odinga and will be commensurate to his long service in public service.

However, Raila is said to have rejected the proposal because it does not represent the interest of Kenyans yearning for electoral justice.

Besides, it does not take care of the interests of the larger NASA family.


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  1. Which NASA larger family? Miguna Miguna? Kalonzo and Mudavadi can be made Assistant Statesmen and share an office with Raila to advise him. Already Wetangula has a job. I think Raila should take up this position before Kalonzo runs away with it.


  3. I thought we are a socereign state of which M r. Trump/America or anynother country shuold not dictate yo a democratically elected predident what to do with a perennial election loser who always sings a song of vote rigging always which is not true.

  4. Rails is a people chosen president-elect!

  5. Trump of "shithole" fame can go to hell. Let us deal with RAO!!!!!

  6. we can never assume that Kenya is sovereign country that doesn't need advice from any other stable country.actually in Kenya we live like rats or dogs! As long as they have enough and their interests have been fulfilled, they don't have to care about the rest, or about anything about tomorrow.I liken Kenyan sovereignty as that of a man who thinks that he can do anything including lynching the whole of his family for no cause just because he is the head of the family.Men who always think that as men they know everything and as such, they get little advise from other men or more enlightened people than they are. The Kenyan president always
    visits foreign presidents i believe because he is not sovereign but because he can always chat and have advise from his counterparts.

  7. Trumps suggestion,much as he thinks more of their interests than ours will set a bad precedence for our country:That if one does not get his coveted high office, he presides over endless chaos so as to achieve his goals.Why did we cast our votes twice if America, taking care of Raila's personal interests is the one to decide on how we should do it. Then we should have sort this opinion before wasting our precious considerations and time. We knew Raila can never accept a difeat. So must we give it to him because of this? What makes this man different from the rest of us besides being power hungry and blood thirsty, and now America calculatively wants to create ground ffor more Railas and Khalwales in our country.
    If America thinks such people are so worth it, they can give them those plum jobs and motorcades in their government. We Kenyans reject them. Period!!!

  8. Trump can as well accommodate him in his government. In fact we have more than we need in terms of mp's and senators than the US. Our constitution does not have a place for political rejects.

  9. let him swear himself in and face the consequences

  10. Uhuru should track Raila motorcade after swearing in and bomb it.

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