See what RAILA ODINGA said before heading to Uhuru Park for his swearing in! This old mzee will dethrone UHURU

...fight for a just Kenya where stealing of election will be a thing of the past.

“Whenever there is crisis, there is an opportunity.”

“We will use crisis to bring the country together.”

“What we intend to do as People’s Government is to take action and bring reforms which will bring the country together,” Raila said.

“We are open to dialogue, ready to talk to deal with the crisis.”

“Anybody who pretends there is no crisis does not live on this planet.”

“When there is a crisis, there is a silver lining to show that we can use the opportunity to deal with the crisis,” he added.


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  1. Raila , we cannot agree with you more. Baba there has always been a crisis since the 80's. We need a savior from this biting crisis which is YOU! Please Raila, can you save this country from YOU and your mad desire to be president. This thing seems to be so much in you (hata you are forcing it to yourself by kujiapisha) to the point that I imagine, if every Kenyan were to die for your ambition, then other countries donated kila nchi watu kidogo kidogo for you, you would be besides yourself with fulfillment as president of the Donated people of Kenya. You see, you would be president.The end justifies the means(bloody), and for you, the means would also justify the end.

  2. Anonymous 13:40, you are so on point! This man was reject by God but he does not realize that. Only salvation will help you


  4. Njinga Kabisa, Bondo express.

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