See how MARAGA legitimatized RAILA ODINGA’s swearing inadvertently - UHURU and RUTO never saw this coming

..swearing in plan is perfectly anchored in the law," Magaya bragged.

He says on September 1st last year, the Supreme Court did not nullify the August presidential elections rather, it invalidated President Uhuru Kenyatta's victory.

"The court did not nullify August elections.”

“It only declared Uhuru's victory null and void due to illegalities committed,” Magaya said.

“As NASA, we have obtained correct data from servers and that is what we shall use to declare Raila the winner," Magaya added.

This is bad news for the Jubilee Government leaders because they were hoping that Raila Odinga will be committing a treasonable offence if he is sworn as President of Kenya.

Raila will be sworn as the People’s President at the end of this month.


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  1. After all these moths is this the best that NASA can do ? Kenyans are tired of your lies.

  2. Raila is only having a wet dream and will wake up and realize thst he was only dreaming and his pants are wet

  3. Jubilee needs to engage ICC more so that Raila and Kalonzo get early retirement from Politics

  4. Admin you should be ashamed of yourself bringing this kind of rhetoric excerpts in this forum while even describing the inventor of the lies brilliant who is not brilliant???? I guess maybe you and your gutter press bar talk propagandalists

  5. You remember how the Greeks used to be argumentative? Look how they have remained the sick "man" of Europe. That is what happens when sharp lawyers keep coming up with very ambiguous positions to defend what they think is right: Orengo, Magaya, etc have become like the Hellenistic skeptics.

  6. This goofy mickey mouse lawyers are the reason RAO is in the situation he is in: Quick google search shows the following as the ruling:
    (i) A declaration is hereby issued that the Presidential
    Election held on 8th August, 2017 was not conducted
    in accordance with the Constitution and the
    applicable law rendering the declared result
    invalid, null and void;
    (ii) A declaration is hereby issued that the
    irregularities and illegalities in the Presidential
    election of 8th August, 2017 were substantial and
    significant that they affected the integrity of the
    election, the results not- withstanding.
    (iii) A declaration is hereby issued that the 3rd
    respondent was not validly declared as the
    President elect and that the declaration is invalid,
    null and void;
    (iv) An Order is hereby issued directing the 1st
    respondent to organize and conduct a fresh
    Presidential Election in strict conformity with the
    Constitution and the applicable election laws within
    60 days of the determination of 1st September 2017
    under Article 140(3) of the Constitution.
    (v) Regarding costs, each party shall bear its own

    Where in the above does it say Raila Amollo Odinga was validly elected!

  7. Wait and see.kEEP SHOUTING.After 30th Jan 2018 you would'nt be wagging your tongue sending matusi on this link.

  8. poor norman, you people celebrated the nullification as if the SC declared raila as the winner. Even your supporters are no longer interested in this swearing non sense. nasa lost the august elections

  9. Am missing to see some fools in Kamiti after the ceremony, they will head to ------? NOT State house.

  10. anonymous 4 jan 2018 11.41
    A guy has a nightmare and wakes up shaken panting and sweating profusely and sighs and says 'it was just a dream!'
    Just a dream really? and he is shaken and panting and sweating? The dream has affected his biology? Pls know that dreams are valid.. it may have been just a wet dream but at least he had satisfaction and release,. and that's real!

  11. As a voter, am bone tired of these swearing in shenanigans. Watu watwangwe ile mbaya wakileta nyokonyoko siku hiyo. I am sure even the riot cops are itching to burst some heads and break some limbs. This time hakuna mchezo. Maraga gave clear rulings and directions on healing the august eight ilegalities but you sorry-arse lawyers decided to talk your principal of a client into a nasty legal cul-de-sac. Now you are at it again trying to make sure he is buried for good politically. What is more, the poor fellow is actually paying you to commit his own political suicide:(

  12. that shows how empty the heads of the so called tyranny of brains are if learned magaya can proclaim such open falsehood which even a std 5 kipii can see

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