See how LUOs are preparing to die for RAILA ODINGA during mass action from next week – They are NASA’s kamikaze

Thursday, January 4, 2018 - Many Members of the Luo Community living in Kibera are always ready to die whenever NASA leader, Raila Odinga, calls for mass action.

Although it is taboo among African communities to plan for funerals before a death occurs, NASA supporters in Kibera are doing it the other way. 

The NASA supporters have formed funeral committees ahead of anti-Government demonstrations so that in case one dies, their funeral needs are already catered for beforehand.

These committees are mandated to…

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  1. Brisk business, hey ? Sacrifices for the Sagoma.

  2. "His people will come out crazed. Some of them will kill themselves. Then, I will destroy ODM". That's the final act before the curtain comes down.

  3. Some Kibera people(Luos) are cultists dying for Raila not Kenya.
    This is nothing to do with democracy or justice! Its indoctrinated mobs following an evil man.

  4. Very foolish idea, for how long will this fools be fooled ?.

  5. I wonder for how long will he fool those fools, Bob advised that you can fool some people some time but you can not fool all the people all the time,wake up fools.

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