RAILA ODINGA finally concludes his much awaited swearing plans – UHURU/ RUTO like it or not, it’s happening

...sworn in as the People’s President no matter what.

“Raila will be sworn and those who think he will not are dreaming.”

“This is the year of change in Kenya,”

“And that change will be realized when Raila takes the oath of office as President of Kenya,” Orengo said.

This comes as Raila told his supporters that he would release a timetable for resumption of mass action and civil disobedience against the Jubilee Government to make the country ungovernable and force Uhuru to negotiate.


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  1. Let the old ugly gay be sworn as the president of foreskines. The president of Kenya is Uhuru and there will be no other.

  2. If He threatens Peace, Hand over Raila and Kalonzo to ICC

  3. Which people??

  4. Yaani this old man has no shame to say that he will make the country UNGOVERNABLE! Is his head okay?. What will he gain by it other than killing people like he did in 1982 August? Make the country ungovernable my foot!

  5. you keep on talking about the foreskin as if you are a woman.your women are busy looking for men with foreskin to satisfy their "thirst"it should also sink into your inner brain that rulers DO NOT rule through their foreskin but BUT AND IDEOLOGIES.Kenyans believe that Raila has got better future plans for them, and therefore they shall NEVER STOP following him!!!

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