MUTAHI NGUNYI reveals what would have made RAILA ODINGA the President today - UHURU would have been his Deputy

..become President in the 2013 General Election but he was simply impatient and greedy.

"I was taught by my father that Kikuyu’s are honorable people and if you are true to them then they will be true to you.”

“If Raila kept his word to Kibaki, he would have been President today for a fact.”

“Uhuru would have actually been Vice President waiting to become President in 2022, but Raila was impatient," said Ngunyi.

In 2002, Raila Odinga sacrificed his Presidential ambitions to support Kibaki, who removed Daniel Moi’s KANU regime from power.


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  1. his greed cost him. but kudos to hm for supporting kibaki to eject KANU

  2. He came on board when Kibaki, Saitoti and Kaluki had already settled on Kibaki but he did good to say Kibaki tosha.

  3. It was pointless to say kibaki tosha because by the time he said tosha it was too late whether he had to say it or not. The choice he had by then was only to say kibaki tosha (NAK)or uhuru tosha (KANU)

  4. Prof. Ngunyi, thank you for bringing this truth about Kikuyus out. Remember, Kikuyus supported Former President Moi his earlier years of his rule from 1978 to about 1982. This was before Moi started screwing the Kikuyus left, right and center. Kikuyus will be for you if you are for them and they don't care who you are but if mess with them, that is it. Am a Maasai and I can attest to that. Ruto is for the Kikuyus and am sure the Kikuyus will support him. Forget the few voices of inexperienced politicians such as Ngunjiri of Nyeri who actually was Raila's advisor. He is as dishonest as Raila. That is my take.

  5. opportunist eh! used the agreement on a joint meeting and pretended it was HIS original idea. in the meantime bamboozle Simon to wait at serena.

  6. Infact Rao would have taken cover behind Kibaki Projects to confuse voters since He has no development record, Dont know who represented a Constituency that under His watch Flying Toilets emerged

  7. It is good that Raila was impatient and so he missed being Kenya's President. I cannot imagine how Kenya would look like with Raila as President. Kenya would be a dictatorial state number 1 in Africa had Raila ascended to power. Just think of how he is mistreating Wiper and ANC.

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