MIGUNA MIGUNA says KIKUYUs are behind deaths in our roads - They are cursed despots and here is his LIST!!

....the Transport Ministry is behind the increase of deaths in our roads.

He said Transport Cabinet Secretary, James Macharia, is a Kikuyu, his Principal Secretary, Paul Maringa, is a Kikuyu, Director of Inspection of PSV, Wangai is a Kikuyu and Director of Road Safety is a Kikuyu called Njeri as well as chairman of NTSA board, Waweru.

Patriots, the following toxic tribalism breeds incompetence, lethargy and accidents.”

“It's is a road safety issue that we must correct.CS. - James Wainaina Macharia.”

“PS - Paul Maringa.Director, Inspection- Wangai Director Road Safety – Njeri Chairman NTSA board Waweru,” Miguna Miguna said.

Do you agree with him


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  1. Miguna Miguna you are a cursed man. Do all those cars being driven by kikuyus. You should shame on yourself. if there is a way out of avoiding accidents, please share with everyone.
    Its not a laughing issue when people are losing their loved ones and the way you are putting it is like we are killers. The beginning of wisdom is to fear God and to mind about others.

  2. Its like saying Miguna Miguna is the father of prostitution just because his wayward daughter in Canada is a confessed prostitute !!!

  3. When Miguna lost the nomination baba had promised him, he lost his mind.

  4. Education is supposed to liberate an individual. Your education sir Miguna, has done the opposite. You are demented. I would recommend that you limit your brains to your profession. As a political commentator, you stick like a skunk. Being an elite does not guarantee that one is a politician.

  5. miguna come back to kenya an you too kill kikuyus!!!!shame on you .

  6. Miguna
    I wish you can harness some of the energy you use ranting at everybody to put one bus between Kisumu and Nairobi and then tell your NRM to resist other buses and use yours

  7. Miguna is a disgrace to professionals. Now, there is no difference between him and a lunatic in Kisumu streets who never attended even baby class. Miguna is too too low.
    This guy stands for nothing but self destruction and destruction of others.Look at the things he wrote in his stinking book abouit Raila and what he is doing of late. Which is his direction really? Does he even know? He is slightly below Makau Mutua, Maina Kiai and Ndii. Saad for Kenya,

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