LUOs and RAILA ODINGA are on a suicide mission, please hear them out or the next 5 years will be a disaster - ATWOLI to UHURU

….was tantamount to committing suicide.

Atwoli said President Kenyatta must listen to Raila Odinga because the NASA leader has suicidal followers who are ready to die.

“You cannot ignore anyone with such a huge following.”

“Uhuru must heed my advice because it can spell doom for his country,” said Atwoli who is also an ardent NASA follower.

Atwoli also called on Deputy President William Ruto to sober up and speak with Raila Odinga on electoral justice.


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  1. Nobody has stated what electoral justice is all about. What is supposed to be discussed and the expected outcome if it is not the nusu mkate issue, How comes we all accept that Luo youths are the most affected by this issue of political intolerance?
    Somebody say something lest I am totally lost for ever.

  2. it is sad and tragic to have such a leader snd equally sad and tragic of the followers.God help kenya and kenyans

  3. Let those foolish gentiles commit suicide if they want.we won't sacrifice the rule of law to appease a greedy tribal chief.

  4. The Elderly Old Man can go ahead with swearing in

  5. I would like to underdstand from a global view. Trump is USA president yet he had less of the popular vote than Hillary. So Hillary has a huge following even than Trump. So when have you heard Hillary asking Trump for dialogue on their electrol injustice? Style Luos and Atwoli. By the way it is those who participated in the rerun such as Ekru and Kaluyu who could dialogue if there was any dialogue. As they embark on their suicidal missions, the rest of Kenyans will be creating weath for themselves and Kenya; Building the nation. Then the LOP will start the narrative that they are marginalized. People think think think and so what you can do for yourself and family. How much did you benefit from the NUSU mkate of 2008 when LOP was asking for carpets and toilets?

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