Know History! How OMONDI stole ksh 54 million in 1997 at JKIA without using any weapon (MUST READ)

On Jan 5 1997, Charles Omondi Odhiambo walked into the Kenya Airfreight Handling Limited offices at JKIA and left with $ 1 million. It was one of the biggest robberies in Kenyan history at the time. No one was hurt. He didn't even use a weapon.

He walked in that evening with nothing but a few papers and a couple of titanium balls. He handed the papers over to cargo handlers Simon Karanja and Julius Leglek Rotich. They were clearance papers allowing his company Chacho Inter Afric Services to pick the money. 

The package was an 11 kg bag containing a million dollars. Ksh 54,000,000 then and Ksh 103, 305, 000 today! It belonged to Citibank (Fedha Towers, Muindi Mbingu Street branch).
Omondi strolled out with his package and vanished. It was cleaner than in the movies.

The guys didn't even know they had been robbed until the morning when the people who were actually supposed to pick up the money showed up! The Wells Fargo peeps couldn't understand how someone else had come and done their job. So everyone panicked! They started making frantic calls and examining the clearance papers. They looked legit alright, were even signed by someone from Citibank, a Martin Njoroge.

They had been played like TID's zeze.

The robbery was hushed up as investigations kicked off. But even three days later, when the press finally got a whiff of the story and stunned the country, no one had the faintest clue where Charles was.

He had done what the #ThikaHeist guys couldn't figure out: diss a pear!

His picture was circulated with a bounty of Ksh 250, 000. It was later raised to Ksh 1, 000,000. Omondi was still out of reach.

The money was in $ 100 bills with…

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  1. He should write a novel about it. It'll be a better read than Kiriamiti's. It has all the suspense which comes with such a heist.

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