KALONZO and MUDAVADI change their mind on RAILA ODINGA’s swearing in plans - He should retire to Bondo gracefully

...consider dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta because going ahead with swearing plan will attract the wrath of the Government and he might even be killed.

Besides, the move will not auger well with the international community.

This comes even as Kalonzo has made a public pronouncement that he will be sworn in alongside Raila Odinga should Uhuru not yield to dialogue.

Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula have followed suit and have now started questioning whether the State will willingly allow them to assemble for the rituals.


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  1. Kalonzo & Mudvd should just contact Mudzomba the guy who caned Raila in Kwale and order more caning for Rao

  2. Raila is respectable. He will get more bonga points if he baggs down; the poor majority will appreciate,wacha ujaluo and preserve your national picture...

  3. Raila could have done the swearing in when things were hot not at this time when Wananchi have resumed the normality.Wait until 2022.HE IS TIME BARRED.

  4. The act of Raila swearing himself as president is like a coup and he should be dealt with like those who tried to do it in 1982

  5. RAO has been a conman. He is now known by everyone including his friends in the US who he lies to that he won but his votes stolen. I think, this time round ,they wanted to see how RAO's vote are always stolen only to see no thief. He was properly thrashed by Uhuru. When they went court, they didn't mention stealing of votes. they talked of unconstitutional transmission of results. And with the help of some satanic forces in the Supreme Court, fake papers were filed and the election of Uhuru was nullified based on fake papers. They knew they have lost. Why all this cry. KILL HIM IF HE SWEARS HIMSELF AS PRESIDENT!! By the way why is Nyaiyaki still a free woman after screwing Kenyans? We lost a lot of money for the repeat!!!!!

  6. Deep down in his heart, RAO and Kalonzo know they were thrashed nicely in the elections on 8th August.That's why they decided to boycott the repeat elections when they were told by their advisers that happy crowds were singing "wembe in ule ule" at well attended campaign meetings. They decided to bring up the subject of unnecessary dialogue instead of facing the people and plead for their vote. They knew their goose was cooked at the ballot box!!!

    The other strategy was to demand for the removal of constitutionally protected public officials like Chebukati. RAO knew the process is akin to that of removing a judge from office. He knew it was impossible but continued toying with the idea and seek ways of creating a constitutional crisis.. Kalonzo has now come from abroad and jumped on the bandwagon of "dialogue."

    NASA claims not to recognize Uhuru's presidency. Question: Who do they want to engage with in a dialogue? Is it Uhuru the person? or Uhuru the President of the Republic of Kenya?

    If its Uhuru the person, they can simply have a cup of tea at hotel in Nairobi. If its Uhuru the President, then that's an open admission they were beaten fair and square.

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