IGATHE is a coward and he betrayed SONKO, it is possible the KIKUYU are fighting him for not towing the line - Ole MAGELO

….picked him as his running mate.”

“Nairobi residents also trusted them and that was why they were elected.”

“But now, he has betrayed all these." said Magelo

The veteran politician also lambasted Igathe for demanding to play roles that are purely for the Governor as stipulated in the Constitution.

He said Igathe's demands were unrealistic because his roles are well defined in law.

"You cannot demand more than what the law stipulates.”

“Deputy Governor Acts as Governor when the boss is away or the Governor may delegate some functions to him and that is all he can do." he said.


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  1. yeah I also thought Igathe wanted more than what his position stood for. Besides he must have been made to believe that Sonko is too dwarf to manage the office county matters hence him coming in to handle the whole. Little did he know all this were just campaign sloggans....Wake up boss and accept what you get or resign peacefully without drama.. afterall many wanted that position

  2. I am a Kikuyu and Jubilee Uhuruto diehard. We are saying, Ruto as an able leader fit for 2022.We are sure come that time, all will find him worthy the presidency of this Nation.Those few Kikuyus who think they can mess up Ruto should know they are not attempting that on our behalf.Kikuyus go for good able leaders who can create an enabling environment for business, not tribe.
    We are not keen on a Kikuyu president or Vice come 2022.
    As for William, 'Kirikaniro ni thiiri'AND ALSO BECAUSE HE WORKS WELL.Can he be spared too much of unnecessary politics.
    As for Sonko and Igathe, my take is, Igathe did not act right. That abruptness to me spells immaturity. He should have initiated dialogue for intervention before throwing in the towel in a reckless manner. What is at stake is much bigger than what he was feeling and how he acted. Sonko may not be great in academics but he has a heart for the people and people love him. So. he is the governor and Igathe should give him his due respect. All is not lost. Let them sit and agree on how they will be discussing and conducting business for the sake of Nairobians and Kenyans. It is our Nairobi.
    We hope the president and the deputy with a non-partisan, genuine team can sit with these and make them amicable.
    The Lord pulled us out of a situation and it is up to us to act out our parts well.

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