I will be in Government by all means - RAILA swears during interview with Voice of America! UHURU’s leadership is temporary

...forming a Coalition Government with President Uhuru but to form his own Government because he won the August 8th General Elections, which was later annulled by the Supreme Court.

“So, we’re not using the swearing-in as a basis of negotiating with Uhuru Kenyatta.”

“We have said in fact that we don’t want any stake in Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government.”

“We want to be the ones who are in Government," Raila told VoA.

He said he wants to meet Uhuru over electoral justice, judicial independence, police reforms, devolution of power and restructuring the executive.


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  1. Who has ever won Presidency with few Mps and Senators? How would Rao pass bills? Rao must realise Orengo misled Him and wants Him jailed so as to inherit Luo Nation

  2. UHURU, don't negotiate with this idiot. You won properly period. let him go hang!!!!!!!

  3. Please Pres. Uhuru after dialoge open a Kenya Consulate in North or South Pole for resaerch on Global Warming and distribute it to Nasa Principals since Polar Bears are plenty there to finish the job, Kenya will experience Peace it has never seen

  4. I am made to understand that Raila once had an operation done on his head, hence the scar between the top of the ear and the forehead. What the cause of the operation then, seems to have adverse effect on his brain now. He is plain mad, no wonder his henchmen are fleeing from him.

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