Here is RUTO’s deadly plan should UHURU and his KIKUYU mafia betray him in 2022 - RAILA ODINGA in the mix

…known to be a brilliant schemer is said to have a plan should Uhuru and his tribe betray him.

Sources close to Ruto say should President Uhuru Kenyatta send the clearest signal of betrayal, Ruto could go for the 'nuclear option’ and join NASA leader, Raila Odinga, before 2022.

One source said Ruto has numbers in the National Assembly and the Senate, numbers that he can mobilise to wreck Uhuru Kenyatta's Presidency that is in its second term.

“He may even decide to work with Raila Odinga to impeach Uhuru before 2022,” the source said.


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  1. Thanks DP. You have hit the nail right on its head. This story is not a surprise to me. There is no room for BETRAYAL to the rift valley. It's pay back time. Rift valley made it possible for jubilee to come back. Shame on those politicians planning the BETRAYAL crusade. Let's give the DP back his votes and save our brothers who live in rift valley. The kiuks in rift valley are seeing mad politicians.

  2. Anon: 10:52 you should be ashamed yourself to believe this rhetoric, and if there is anything the community you are referring to, that has never been forgotten is that their own and children were murdered in cold blood in 2007, there is no betrayal here even if you are a hater of one community why don't you join NRA. But for a fact who ever who wrote this passage is just trying waters and of course if you are an ardent reader of this forum then you must have understood the concept of conspiracy theory reporting.

  3. but rao cannot agree to be running mate to antbody.

  4. I support 9.01.2018 10.52am

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