Here is the man who is stopping UHURU from talking to RAILA ODINGA - He loves bloodshed more than HITLER

…are not serious with our swearing-in plans.”

“He needs to know that we are not ready to be in a country of electoral injustices," Atandi said

Wanga, on her part, said the National Supper Alliance (NASA) leaders had given Jubilee ample time for talks but they remained adamant.

She said Raila Odinga will be sworn in as the People’s President on January 30th whether Uhuru likes it or not.

"NASA leaders had extended a hand for dialogue but Jubilee declined to participate.”

“The door for dialogue will be closed as soon as Raila is sworn in," Wanga said.


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  1. this door you said you closed last year when did you open it and for what?kaende sasa. those who boycotted the election have to wait for 2022. its painfull but that is the reality. kaende.

  2. if refusing to dialogue with the old tribal chief means bloodshed then they should make good their threats sooner than later coz there will never be dialogue with a greedy rebel and loser

  3. raila and nasa people are acting as if constitution and rule of law is only supposed to be respected by only jubilee people,they dont care,who said uhuru does not have followers coz the way they are talk it as if all kenyan citizens are railas,LET THEM KNOW FROM TODAY UHURU HAS MORE THAN 12 MILLION SUPPORTERS BEHIND HIM ,WE ARE WAITING FOR THAT THING THEY CALL SWEARING IN,LET THEM TRY


  5. What happened to the naked walk to kibera by gladys wanga? mdomo kuubwa ya Bure!

  6. Haaa are these people dreaming what dialogue are you demanding while you boycotted the elections and you shamelessly say you are banking on the August 8th results which you cheated and gave Maraga wrong evidence are this people mad???

  7. When a team boycott to go to the field then the other team is declared a winner.Nasa should stop their nonsense.

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