Here is the LADY who leaked to RAILA that he won on August 8th by 1 million votes – UHURU/ RUTO almost assassinated her!

Wednesday January 10, 2018 - National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, has always maintained that he will be sworn as the People’s President of Kenya on January 30th because he out rightly beat President Uhuru Kenyatta with over 1 million votes during the August 8th presidential elections.

According to Raila Odinga, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers show that he white-washed Uhuru by over 1 million votes during the election that was nullified by the Supreme Court.

Raila Odinga says according to an IEBC insider, he garnered 8.6 million votes against Uhuru Kenyatta’s 7.6 million votes.

Raila Odinga has now said that he is…

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  1. NASA through experts tampered the servers and rigged. That's why they were so confident that the servers were tampered. Akombe was in charge of their rigging project and flew away when when she was discovered.

  2. Worldwide the formular as per UN is "Recount the Votes" but Nasa idiots are obsessed with Servers, Foreskin had set up a Parallel Tallying Center managed bu Magufuli but nothing came of it

  3. This is history. The Supreme Court nullified that election. We went for another one on 26th and Uhuru won. Is it hard to understand that?

  4. No wonder that's why they insisted on holding dialogue before they hounded Isaak Hassan team out of office.They wanted to do away with manual election and make sure everything was electronic. We now know the reason: to use experts to tamper with the computers and before anybody understands the trick, Behold! Raila is declared the winneri!!

    Of course, the loser will petition the Supreme Court but would lose badly as ostensibly the election was electronic!!

    By the way. their is this persistence with calls for dialogue. Why? What's the point of having an election if the loser will still we he in government?

  5. NASA does not recognize Uhuru's presidency. This insistence on dialogue is a quiet way of acknowledging there was a winner in the last election.

  6. CIA: Friendly dictatorship is better than a Hostile democracy

  7. Raila should be taken to a Mental Institution and be given a bucket to fill water to a drum that has a hole at the bottom to see how long He will take to fill it

  8. Enter your comment...idiots think raila cannot win an election, he does and they always steal from him,shitholes

  9. ELOG Elections Observers Group run by Raila's friend Brian Weke confirmed Uhuru's win with similar margin to IEBC one wonders why Parallel Tallying Center of Raila collapsed

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